Capabilities Statement

GovKinex deals with small business clients, assisting them in building a proper profile to make it possible for government agencies to find and pay these businesses for their services.  Government contracting can be extremely rewarding for a company, but today’s small business owners often don’t have the extra resources to devote to government contracting without outside assistance.  GovKinex makes it possible for all small businesses to participate in Federal Contracting.  Small businesses are able to fulfill the majority of needs of the federal government. Whether they are small, no bid contracts or large bid contracts, only registered contractors are allowed to contract with the federal government. Registration allows the government to know which small businesses are available and willing to take government contracts.  Incorporating a marketing campaign allows small businesses even more exposure to government buyers, thus leading the way toward winning more government contracts.

The GovKinex package includes a complete government business plan designed to provide your business direct access to buyers and prime vendors in your industry. If the business has not already done so, they will be registered in SAM (System for Award Management). Businesses will be added to the federal government search database and receive monthly e-mail bid notification, as well as a full year of contract support. A website in standard federal government format is also included. In addition to the web development, businesses will receive a branded domain name, web hosting, unlimited updates for one year, search engine optimization and Google Places setup. This package will help those small businesses who are still in the dark about government contracting and will get them started on the path to winning federal contracts.

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