Including EVERYTHING your business needs to work with the Federal Government.

All of our Marketing Programs include FREE SAM/CCR/ORCA Assistance and Registration.

GovKinex is the website builder for US Federal Contractor Registration. US Federal Contractor Registration performs all the Federal registrations for GovKinex Clients. US Federal Contractor Registration provides yearlong maintenance on all SAM registrations that are included with GovKinex packages. US Federal Contractor Registration is the largest registration firm offering Federal Registrations. The Case Managers at US Federal Contractor Registration are able to quickly process SAM registrations on behalf of GovKinex Clients and handle complicated Mergers/Novations. US Federal Contractor Registration has been a proud partner of GovKinex since the beginning.


Government contracting can be extremely rewarding for a company, but today’s small business owners often don’t have the extra resources to devote to government contracting without outside assistance.  GovKinex makes it possible for all small businesses to participate in Federal Contracting.

Sign up for our Simplified Acquisition Program and your business will be on its way to working with the federal government. Entering into government contracting can require a significant amount of work, but its our business to make it easy for you!

For questions regarding SAM Registration please contact our Help Desk at 1-877-332-8277.

For questions regarding Government Contracts and Bidding Opportunities please call our Placement Specialists at 1-877-252-2700 ext.1.

Our Simplified Acquisition Program provides your business with everything you need to work with the federal government including:

  • Complete Simplified Acquisition Program designed to provide your business direct access to buyers and prime vendors in your industry.
  • SAM Registration or Migration from existing CCR/ORCA Registration.  This allows you to start bidding and being awarded government contracts.
  • Customized official government profile added to the Federal Government search database.
  • Monthly e-mail bid notification and contract support.
  • Up to seven page website in standard Federal Government format including, a Landing Page, Vendor Profile, References,  Past Performance, Product/Services, Contact Page and Photo Gallery.
  • Branded Domain Name, Web Hosting and Limited Updates for One Year.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.